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Entry #2

Madness Day 2008

2008-08-23 19:17:59 by GreyxMemoryx11

Okay. So I'm working on a Madness animation for Madness Day. I know how to get it on the site, but how do I submit it to the collection so I could have a chance to get in the top 10?

Please Answer!


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2008-08-23 19:36:17

1) most probably you won't get into the top 10
2)you need allot of people to suggest it to a collection.


2008-09-23 17:45:35

Yeah, you don't submit it into a collection. The users vote it into the collection.


2009-05-16 17:40:37

top ten you need to deserve with high marks.1 low mark,it wont go already have 1 low mark.sry.


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